Thursday, November 15, 2012

Changes to Steve's Walks

Since I started to put a few of my walks I undertake into this blog, I have always been a little unhappy using google maps as the only way to show them on the screen as you may be able to make out some of the paths on the satellite view, but not very clearly.  To improve things I started to include grid references at waypoints.  Now though I have discovered and subscribe to getamap from the Ordnance Survey.  So in future I will be including links to those maps rather than google maps.  There will be some differences.  You will find that notes giving directions of the walk on the map will not be present, but you will have access to a route card which gives grid references for way points along the route.  To access the maps and route cards you will have to register - it's free.  For full access, including enhanced printing facilities, there is an annual subscription fee.

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